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Nodes Studio


Nodes Studio is a software architecture for forming HTML web site data and management.

Through .htaccess file redirect the majority of url-query to /index.php, which in turn connects file /engine/nodes/autoload.php, which generates frontend based on the main site file /engine/nodes/site.php.


The module /engine/nodes/site.php data is generated based on a GET request and engine library /engine/core/engine.php in the following order:


1. If the request is directed to the direct PHP-file (for example /sitemap.php), the framework will search for matching and execution of the file in the directory /engine/code/.

2. If the request has the format /admin, the framework makes the generation of data on the basis of the file /engine/nodes/admin.php.

3. Other way, the data generation occurs based on script from the directory /engine/site/ and MySQL table nodes_backend (available for editing from the "Backend" in the Admin) and PHP-template file /template/../template.php.


Generating data from the directory /engine/site/ based on filling the variables of the main class object of the site:


string $this->title - page caption. Displayed in the <head>.
string $this->content - HTML page content. Displayed in the <body>.
array $this->keywords[] - an array with the key words of the page. Displayed in the <head>.
string $this->description - page description. Displayed in the <head>.
string $this->img - page preview image. Displayed in the <head>.
string $this->onload - handler window.onload() for JavaScript functions.
array $this->configs[] - an array of settings based on a MySQL table nodes_config.