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Site name - the name of the site, is used in <head>.

Description - description of the site, used in the meta-tag.

Site email - service email that will receive system notifications from the site.

Site language - primary language site scheme. By default is "en".

Available languages ‚Äč - available language site schemes. Lists by ";".

Site image - the main image site, used in the meta-tags to create a proper preview if repost the link in the social networks.

Email header image - the image used as a "header" for the email-message.

Template - the name of the directory inside the "templates" folder, with the source code of the current template.

Debug mode - mode "Under construcion." If enabled, the site will be unavailable to visitors. Disabled by default.

jQuery cron - cron script activation for each user request. Recommended turn off after a cron-program settings at intervals of 1 minute. Enabled by default.

Compress HTML - the compression of HTML code before issuing user. Enabled by default.

Sandbox payment mode - test payment mode. If enabled, the payments will take place without the participation of the payment system. Enabled by default.

Engine auto-update - Automatic update site engine. Enabled by default.

Auto backup - sohranienie automatic backup site. Enabled by default.

Messages between users - the exchange of messages between users of the site. Disabled by default.

Daily report to email - sending a daily report on the state of the site service email. Enabled by default.

Email admin on comment - email-sending notifications when comments published. Enabled by default.

Email user on sign up - email-sending notifications sent to the user during registration. Enabled by default.

Email user on message - email-sending notifications to the user when a new message arrives. Enabled by default.

Email user on payment - email-sending notifications to the user when making a transaction. Enabled by default.

PayPal test mode - use the test server for transactions with PayPal. Enabled by default.

PayPal user ID - the identifier in sisteme PayPal.

PayPal description - a comment to payments through the site with PayPal.

VK page URL - URL-address of Vkontakte page of website.

VK client ID - site application identifier at Vkontakte.

Day interval of backup - days interval between backups. By default is 10.

Max queries \ minute in session - the maximum available number of queries per user per minute during the session. By default is 20.

Max queries \ minute from IP - the maximum available per user requests per minute with from IP-address. By default is 60.

Max outbox \ minute - the maximum number of messages to send per cron-script iteration. By default is 1.

Facebook client ID and Facebook client secret - developers.facebook.com
OAuth redirect URIs - http://.../account.php?mode=social&method=fb

Twitter consumer key and Twitter consumer secret - apps.twitter.com
Callback URL - http://.../account.php?mode=social&method=tw

Google client ID and Google client secret and Google developer key - console.developers.google.com
Credentials->New OAuth 2.0 client ID
Authorized redirect URIs - http://.../account.php?mode=social&method=gp