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Nodes Studio


Generation of MySQL tables occur during installation. The structure of the generated tables is not intended for direct editing.
Prefix is ​​recommended to be used when creating new tables, other than nodes_.
Access to MySQL database is based on the settings from the file /engine/nodes/config.php.


nodes_agent - table with "User-Agent" visitor data.


nodes_attendance - table with attendances traffic information.


nodes_backend - table with a description of the basic modules of the site.


nodes_caсhe - table to store cache pages of the site.


nodes_catalog - table with a directories or static pages.


nodes_comment - table of comments at the site.


nodes_config - table with the site settings.


nodes_content - table with inner static articles.


nodes_error - table with information about the erroneous queries.


nodes_inbox - table with messages between users.


nodes_language - table for the linguistic variables of the site.


nodes_log - table with event logs on the site.


nodes_meta - table with pages meta-data.


nodes_order - table with users purcases information.


nodes_outbox - table with bulk messages.


nodes_perfomance - table with a perfomance data.


nodes_product - table with information about products.


nodes_product_data - table with values of properies of products.


nodes_product_order - table with purchases details.


nodes_product_property - table with product property information.


nodes_property_data - table for matching products-properties-values.


nodes_referrer - table with "Referrer" visitor data.


nodes_shipping - table with product shipping information.


nodes_transaction - table with transactions details.


nodes_user - table with information about registred users.


nodes_user_outbox - table with bulk messages data.