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Nodes Studio


Nodes Studio is integrated with some popular services to interact with that need to sign up for the service, both as a user and as a developer.


paypal.com - PayPal payment system.

facebook.com - Facebook social network.

plus.google.com - Google+ social network.

twitter.com - Twitter social network.

vk.com - Vkontakte social network.


In addition, in the framework are integrated some quality libraries and plug-ins. Download the latest version or get information about is possible on developer's website.


code.google.com - Google API.

jquery.com - JavaScript library.

getmdl.io - Material Design template.

tinymce.com - WYSIWYG editor.

jssor.com - jQuery plug-in.

alertifyjs.com - JavaScript library.

github.com - jQuery plug-in.


Also, let me introduce you to some third-party services that may be extremely useful webmaster to create the highest quality site.


developers.google.com - Check the site speed.

search.google.com - Structured data testing.

validator.w3.org - Check the site markup.

jscompress.com - JavaScript compressor.

cssminifier.com - CSS compressor.

realfavicongenerator.net - Favicon generator.

fonts.google.com - Fonts repository.

lipsum.com - Lorem Ipsum generator.

base64-image.de - Image to base64 convertor.